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    Shanghai Grains Heal Food Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and sales of whole grain crepes and actively advocates the whole grain dietary ideas. As rates of chronic disease have risen over the past several decades, there has been growing global interest in the connections between diet and health. Nutrition research has deepened our understanding of whole grains' positive impact on health outcomes. Grains Heal tries its best to spread the latest research on whole grains home and abroad and develope more flavors of whole grain crepes so as to make the daily intake of whole grains much easier and more convenient.

    Grains Heal was established in October 2018. And it joined the Whole Grains Council in May 2019. As the whole grain concept was put forward by Chinese Nutrition Society for the first time in 2016, standards for whole grain foods haven't been drafted yet in China. The public has no idea about whole grains but know only "coarse grains" (PINYIN: cu liang) which refers to grains except refined rice and flour, beans, potatoes, etc. Coarse grains are quite different from the concept of whole grains, the latter have much more benefits for the health of modern people. Education of daily intake of whole grain food is a tough and challenging task for us. Our company will endeavor to advocate the whole grain dietary and spread the healthy ideas as to improve the public health.